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Included in 7878, Vigna, Terra and Industry Shipments

Introducing an exceptional library wine from Green Valley of the Russian River Valley is a sub-AVA of the Russian River Valley AVA in Sonoma County. It is one of the coolest AVAs in northern California, heavily influenced by the fog through the Petaluma Gap. Green Valley is best known for its Pinot Noir. The grapes retain acidity as they develop varietal character and flavor, developing great aromatic complexity and a good balance of sugars and acidity. Green Valley wines are often distinguishable by their bright, fresh characters, smooth tannins, and intense color. Four unique clones of Heritage Pinot and traditional French clones were picked, fermented together, and aged 16 months in French oak to reach full flavor maturity. This medium-bodied wine shows spice and hints of strawberry on the nose with soft dark berries mid-palate and vivid undertones, giving it vigor. Enjoy this wine with earthy, mushroom, and herbal cheese. We love Camembert paired with cured meats and paté. It's stunning with tuna, salmon, trout, smoked fish, and roasted or chargrilled vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, asparagus, and sweet potatoes. This Pinot Noir is excellent with BBQ pork, bacon, and chicken!  Russian River Valley, Sonoma County


Included in 7878, Vigna, Terra and Industry Shipments

Expressed boldly or silently, a single word, Gratitude, is powerful. With great appreciation and recognition, we created this wine to pay tribute to the farmers, winemakers, and industry workers for their perseverance amid the wine community's struggles in recent years. From all of us, Trattore Farms, we thank you for your ongoing support despite the recent challenges. We are donating a portion of the proceeds of Gratitude wine purchases to the restaurant industry and local firefighters. This beautiful Rhône red blend combines 36% Cinsault, 27% Syrah,18% Counoise and 18% Grenache. Enjoy this superb blend!  Try this wine with robust flavors such as ribeye steak, grilled or BBQ red meats, mushrooms, roasted chicken, and charcuterie. It's also delicious with roasted herb chicken (sage, rosemary, orange, and red pepper). Finally, if you love Mexican dishes, pair with molé enchiladas! Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County



Included in 7878, Vigna, Terra and Industry Shipments

We are thrilled to release our 2019 Proprietor's Reserve Blend. This wine combines several of Tim's favorite Rhône varietals from our estate vineyard in Dry Creek Valley. The beauty of combining northern and southern Rhône varietals is the compelling and complex blends that can be created. Combining Syrah from the Northern Rhône region with Grenache and Mourvèdre from the southern Rhône region invokes a blend of refinement, depth, concentration, and complexity. The bright fruit flavors are seductive with flowers, perfume, earth, and pepper. There is so much to celebrate about this wine. There is so much to celebrate about this wine. Pair with red meats like meatloaf, savory pot pies, mac & cheese, beef wellington, stews, smoked brisket and so much more! Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County


2019 Alder Springs Grenache

Included in 7878, Vigna, Oliva Shipments

Like Grenache grown in the south of France, the warm Mediterranean climate and cool summer evenings in Northern California produce beautiful, delicate, bright Grenache fruit. Similar to 2018, his Rhône wine is soft on the palate with pretty raspberry strawberry and a hint of blackberry notes, cinnamon spice and orange citrus rind finish. Enjoy this wine year-round.  Try Grenache with spicy and creamy Indian foods, roasted meats, and vegetables. Did you know a slightly chilled Grenache can reduce the burn of spicy food?  Mendocino, Mendocino County 



2019 Estate Roussanne

Included in 7878, Vigna Shipments

Our eastern-facing Roussanne vines are nestled in stone-strewn soils on steep terrain that thrive in our warm Mediterranean days and ocean-influenced, cool nights. The resulting wine showcases the beautiful Dry Creek Valley profile feeling blesseded to call this area home. We love green tea, Asian pear, and honeydew aromatics. Citrus, butterscotch, and honeycomb flavors with a finish layered with subtle vanilla and hints of baking spice. Enjoy this elegant wine for all seasons. Pair this Rhône white wine Thai cuisine (green and yellow curry), Pad Thai, creamy cheeses, Lemon Picatta, and seafood dishes such as shellfish, cod, lobster, crab. Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County


2019 Estate Reserve Zinfandel

Included in Industry Shipment

Rooted in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, Trattore showcases the grape varietal that this region most recognizes:  Zinfandel. Our Reserve Zinfandel is grown on a low-vigor 101-14 rootstock, which yields an old vine Zinfandel style with a quality level that bestows a Reserve wine label. Opulent and aromatic, the nose has a bright bouquet of dark berries. On the tongue, enjoy cherries, plums, and herbs, finishing with an elegant and firm acidity. Pair this Zinfandel with pizza with red sauce, grilled BBQ pork ribs, brisket, kabobs, hamburgers, and your favorite chili! Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County


2019 ESATE mR (Marsanne/Roussanne)

Included in Terra and Industry Shipments

Marsanne and Roussanne continue to thrive on our vineyard, capturing eastern-facing sunlight. Roussanne is more dominant in this blend, creating lovely tropical fruit notes combined with the richness of stone fruit. Marsanne's mouthfeel and pineapple flavors make this combination one of our favorite Rhône blends that you can enjoy year-round. Serve this wine with creamy cheeses, apricot, peach, and lemon zest chutneys with spicy salumi and rosemary crackers, Pad Thai, fried basil and pork, red curry, fried rice, Tom Kah Kai (Chicken and Coconut Soup). Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County


2019 Elevation Blend

Oliva Shipment

Perfect for the holiday season, this superbly complex, well-balanced white Rhône blend consists of Roussanne, Viognier, and Picpous. The floral notes embody bright citrus withe elegant minerality and acidity. The peach and nectarine stone fruit flavors make this a stunning food wine.  Enjoy this versatile wine with pâté, duck, veal, salmon, turkey, pork loin, cream sauces, spicy flavors, especially Asian cuisine! We love this wine with pad thai noodles, yellow and green curries. Mendocino, Mendocino County




2019 stone soup blanc

Oliva Shipment
Stone Soup Blanc is our sister wine to Stone Soup Red. If you love Rhône white blends, this wine combines Roussanne, Viognier, and Marsanne grown in our rocky soils on our estate. We harvest these varietals together, hand-sort, press, and ferment to create a field blend - a centuries-old practice that makes complexity and structure. To blend the best of Old and New World wine styles results in stunning wine. The aromatics include lemon meringue, key lime pie, a touch of honey, and hazelnut, while the flavors take in mandarin orange, honeycomb, and sweet citrus. This wine has a beautiful balance of fruit and oak with a lingering finish. Try this wine with chicken, turkey, ham, pork, and lamb, cream-based curries, and soups, including clam chowder, mushrooms, onions, and squash. Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

2019 Estate Viognier

Terra Shipment
Our 2019 Viognier is a perfect balance of stone fruit, citrus, and tropical notes with an elegant, long, and viscous finish. These eastern-facing Dry Creek Valley Viognier vines coupled with steep terrain, stone-strewn soils, cool ocean influence, and warm summer days provide perfect growing conditions for one of our favorite Rhone white varietals. Enjoy this wine with Pad Thai, Kam Ka Gai soup, yellow, green, red curries, creamy cheeses, apricot Stilton, lemon cream cheese, paella, rosemary baked chicken, arugula with shaved parmesan, Meyer lemons, and Dry Creek Olive Company citrus Olive oil. This vintage is super yummy with lemon bars! Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County


Il Mezzo Olive OIl - 2021 Best of Show, Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Vigna and Olio (oil only) Shipment

Located in central Italy between the Apennines and the Adriatic lies the Marche region of Italy. This region is home to the Ascolano olive, also grown in northern California. A lesser-known varietal than its Tuscan counterparts, the Ascolano embraces "il Mezzo" - the Middle - in many ways, it has origins in central Italy, along with a middle flavor profile and medium volume of yield, making it a wonderful offering for the home table. Don't want to go too mild or too bold? Try the "middle"! There you will find a delicate profile with peach, apricot, tropical fruit and a mildly grassy flavor profile, with just a hint of pungency, perfect for all your dishes. Ascolano is heavenly over spaghetti and angel hair pasta and delicious with Bruschetta or Crostini.  The medium fruitiness and light body of Ascolano works well with grilled fish, chicken, or vegetables.  Try it with crusty bread, seasonings and Parmesan cheese.  Blend with our white and red vinegar bottles. We especially like this oil with our Peach White Balsamic! Locally Grown and milled on our Estate in Dry Creek Valley.


Trattore Estate Olive OIl- 2021 GolD Medal, Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Terra and Olio (oil only) Shipment

Our estate oil is a field blend of the nearly 20 olive varietals grown on our home ranch. A blending of the delicate Spanish Arbequina grown in trellised rows and the traditionally planted, robust Italian and herbaceous Greek varietals create a bold, spicy oil with a unique buttery palate. This oil can be used for any of your favorite dishes. Try with roasted garlic toast, soups, classic basil pesto, grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and olive oil cake. Locally Grown and milled on our Estate in Dry Creek Valley.


Persian Lime Olive Oil - 2021 Double Gold - Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Vigna and Oliva Shipments

Our Persian Lime olive oil is made from the finest Persian limes, milled with Spanish Manzanilla olives grown in Northern California. The result is a zesty oil with a mild lime flavor and a tangy, peppery finish For a quick and delicious appetizer, drizzle this olive oil over goat cheese and serve with your favorite crackers or crostini. Make a fresh winter salad with sweet potatoes. Enjoy with all your favorite Mexican foods or spoon over your tacos, burritos, taquitos, and carne asada dishes and popcorn. Locally Grown and milled on our Estate in Dry Creek Valley.


Garlic Olive Oil 

Olio (oil only) Shipment

This favorite olive oil uses a mild base of Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki olives and pure garlic oil extract to bring forth the wonderful, pungent flavor of garlic! Served alone for dipping or a key ingredient to your cooking, this oil is sure to please! What isn't improved with a little garlic? We can't get enough. The staff loves this drizzled-over homemade popcorn, roasted potatoes with rosemary, roasted meats, crusty loaves of bread, creamy pasta dishes, and tomatoes salads. Try with your Thanksgiving meal. It's lovely with bean dishes such as lentils and savory pies, hummus, asparagus, freshly baked loaves of bread, Brussel sprouts, breakfast burritos. The list is endless.


Fig Balsamic Vinegar

Olio (oil only) Shipment

As we enter the Fall season, fig season is here! No other flavor says 'festive' quite like it. Made with natural ingredients, this wood barrel-aged rich balsamic is naturally dense and bursting with fig's sweet complexity. Bold and beautiful, it is amazing in marinades, dressings, BBQ glaze, and drizzled over brownies! When the holidays approach, use it for bread dipping or cheese to add sophistication to your appetizer tray and meals. Our favorite holiday season salad combines goat or blue cheese, candied walnuts and seasonal fruits (pears, pomegranate, apples and persimmons) It aslo pairs well with or Chipotle, Garlic, Rosemary, Sage and Valencia Orange olive oils!