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Winter 2021 Club Shipment

olive oil Offerings

olio nuovo Olive Oil

Included in Olive Oil, Oliva, Terra and Vigna Clubs

Few culinary delights compare to an Olio Nuovo or “New Oil.” Unlike most olive oils, our 2020 Olio Nuovo has gone directly from our mill to the bottle, bypassing traditional settling processes. The result is a medium- bodied oil with a spicy green olive flavor, deep grassy notes and a peppery finish. This unique oil should be consumed immediately, as its fresh qualities are short-lived. Enjoy this limited production oil and celebrate the harvest with an Italian tradition!.

Estate Milled and Produced in Dry Creek Valley - Harvest 2020
Olive Varietals: Spanish Manzanilla, Tuscan varietal blend/Medium to Bold Intensity.



California Tuscan OLIVE OIL

Included in Olive Oil Club

When you hear the word "Tuscan," all the flavors of Italy come to mind! Tuscan varietals Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino, thrive in Northern California and are the source of some of the world's most refined olive oil. These olives were harvested later in the season, allowing this oil's peppery quality to soften slightly, giving it a smooth balance of ripe olive, white pepper, and toasted hazelnut. 

Estate Milled and Produced in Dry Creek Valley - Harvest 2019
Olive Varietals: Tuscan Varietals: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino make up the bulk of the blend with a touch of Greek Kalamata / Bold Intensity.




Sage Olive Oil

Included in Olive Oil and Vigna Clubs

Making olive oil part of your daily diet is ‘sage’ advice! We’ve made it easier with our new, co-milled Sage olive oil. Fresh sage has been milled with our Estate Arbequina olives in this limited edition herb olive oil. Toss on pasta, chicken, fresh vegetables or use in a sauté with wild mushrooms over gnocchi; this olive oil adds a delicate yet rich flavor to all your foods. It has never been so delicious to be so ‘sage’! 

Estate Milled and Produced in Dry Creek Valley - Harvest 2020 Olive Varietals: 100% Estate Arbequina / California grown Sage / Mild Intensity.





Included in Olive Oil Club

Imagine biting into a crisp, ripe pear with just a single pour! Add to it the tart freshness of cranberry, with two coming together deliciously in this unique vinegar. It is perfect for adding the delicate flavor of pear to lighter colored foods, dressings, and sauces. The touch of cranberry makes it a favorite with traditional foods. Try it as a dressing along, or drizzle over Brie or Blue Cheese, or a marinade for chicken, pork, or fish. This vinegar can be used on its own or paired with our Dry Creek Olive Company olive oils!