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Trattore Farms

Trattore Estate Wines & Dry Creek Olive Company





2019 EsTate Stone Soup Blanc

Included in Vigna, Terra, and Industry Shipments

Stone Soup Blanc is our sister wine to Stone Soup Red. If you love Rhône white blends, this wine combines Roussanne, Viognier, and Marsanne grown in our rocky soils on our estate. We harvest these varietals together, hand-sort, press, and ferment to create a field blend - a centuries-old practice that makes complexity and structure. To blend the best of Old and New World wine styles results in stunning wine. 

Try this wine with chicken, turkey, ham, pork, and lamb, cream-based curries and soups, including clam chowder, squash and satueed mushrooms.

Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County



2019 ESTATE Viognier

Included in Vigna, Oliva and Industry Shipments

Our estate Viognier is a must-have in your collection. We ferment this wine in neutral oak for a smooth, crisp mouthfeel. On the nose is Jasmine and peach with flavors of lemon zest, white peach, and all-spice. This wine finishes with bright acidity and a light viscosity. We love this wine! 

Pair this wine with your favorite creamy cheeses, apricot Stilton, lemon cream cheese, paella, rosemary baked chicken, arugula salad that includes shaved parmesan, Meyer lemons, and Dry Creek Olive Company citrus olive oil. 

Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County



2019 ESTATE MR (Marsanne | Roussanne) Blend

Included in Vigna Shipment

Marsanne and Roussanne continue to thrive on our vineyard, capturing eastern-facing sunlight. Roussanne is more dominant in this blend, creating lovely tropical fruit notes combined with the richness of stone fruit. Marsanne's mouthfeel and pineapple flavors make this combination one of our favorite Rhône blends that you can enjoy year-round. 

Serve this wine with creamy cheeses, apricot, peach, and lemon zest chutneys with spicy salumi and rosemary crackers, Pad Thai, fried basil and pork, red curry, fried rice, Tom Kah Kai (Chicken and Coconut Soup). 

Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County 




Included in Terra Shipment

Summer is here and our white wine collection offers wonderful food pairings. Our 2019 Roussanne Rhône white wine offers vibrant  Meyer Lemon, beeswax, pretty jasmine notes on the nose. Take in flavors of sweet orange citrus, white peach, and apricot that finish with bright acidity and a smooth, elegant finish.

Pair this Rhône white wine lemon orzo pasta, Thai cuisines such as coconut and lemongrass soup, creamy cheeses, lemon Picatta chicken, seafood dishes such as shellfish, cod, lobster, crab, and Indian curries.

Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County





2019 ALDER SPRINGS Counoise

Included in Oliva Shipment

A lesser-known grape, Counoise is often used to develop aromatic complexity in Rhône blends. As this wine developed, we fell in love with this varietal as a standalone. This limited production wine will intoxicate you with aromas of rose petal and ripe red raspberry. Flavors of strawberry, cedar, and baking spice greet your palette, we hope you fall in love with this Counoise as much as we have!

Pair this elegant Counoise with beef, veal, baked chicken, and tuna niçoise, creamy parmesan sauce and sauteed mushrooms, roasted vegetables, charcuterie and chorizo breakfast burritos!

Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County




Included in Vigna andTerra Shipments   

Grown on the steepest, west-facing slope of our estate in the warmer Mediterranean climate of Dry Creek Valley, our Grenache vine develops deep roots and alluring picture-perfect clusters of fruit. This wine is delicate on the palate yet complex in flavors with hints of violet making it a memorable wine to pair with a broad range of culinary delights.    

Pair our Grenache with slow-cooked pot roasts, crispy pork, grilled vegetables, red and yellow curries!  As a lovely medium-bodied wine, it pairs well with most cheeses and spicy salumi, Spanish tapas, Mole Mexican dishes, pork roast, and chicken tagine.  

Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County            




2019 Tractor Red 

Included in Vigna, Terra and Industry Shipments  

We combine Zinfandel, Grenache, and Mourvèdre varietals in this luscious vintage! You won't want to miss out on this blend. Each year we create a unique combination for Tractor Red, and it's one of our club members' favorite wines. With a bright cherry nose and beautifully balanced palate of cedar, bright and dark berries with a hint of leather and cocoa on the finish, you can enjoy this wine with just about any food. Salud!

Enjoy this wine with BBQ chicken, grilled steaks, portabella mushroom burgers, bacon cheeseburgers, spicy cheeses, pepperoni pizza, and dark chocolate. 

Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County



2019 RESERVE Zinfandel                          

Included in Vigna, Terra and Oliva Shipments

Rooted in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, Trattore showcases the grape varietal that this region most recognizes:  Zinfandel. Our Reserve Zinfandel is grown on a low-vigor 101-14 rootstock, which yields an old vine Zinfandel style with a quality level that bestows a Reserve wine label. Opulent and aromatic, the nose has a bright bouquet of dark berries. On the tongue, enjoy cherries, plums, and herbs, finishing with an elegant and firm acidity.

Pair this Zinfandel with pizza with red sauce, grilled BBQ pork ribs, brisket, kabobs, hamburgers, and your favorite chili!

Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County



2019 Estate Mourvèdre  

Included in Vigna and Industry Shipments

Mourvèdre has been grown on our estate for over ten years. It ripens patiently -usually our longest-hanging fruit on the vintage. This wine is like no other we produce, with rustic yet stunning aromatics of sweet pipe tobacco, ripe strawberry, and rich coffee. Flavors of cinnamon, clove, and silky coca lead to a long, soft finish of cassis and violets. We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we do.

Pair this wine with red meats, game, BBQ short ribs, and rich vegetables such as a mix of mushrooms sauteed in butter and garlic served with mashed sweet potatoes. 

Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County



Orange Mint Olive Oil

Vigna and Oliva Shipment

Fresh Mint! This often forgotten herb does more than Mojitos. We blend with Valencia Orange olive oil for a fresh take on citrus. Spanish olives co-milled with California-grown Valencia oranges and fresh mint create an oil with an intense orange flavor and just a hint of mint.

Enjoy this olive oil as a finish for fruit salad, fennel-red onion salad, add tang to sweet potatoes or salmon, chicken, pork, and olive oil cake, vanilla bean ice cream, or orange sorbet!

Locally Grown and milled on our Estate in Dry Creek Valley.




Mediterranean Blend Olive Oil

Vigna and Terra Shipment

Our newest Mediterranean Blend combines Italy's Ascolan and Tuscan olive, Greece's Koroneiki, and Spain's Sevillano and Manzanilla into tantalizingly fresh oil. Its grassy, green olive fruits have hints of pepper and cucumber with a smooth mid-palate and spicy finish. 

Try this blend with your favorite Mediterranean dishes, such as Mozzarella Caprese, over hummus and naan bread, cucumber salad with Pomegranate vinegar, sweet potato toast, breakfast egg muffins, and smoked salmon frittata.

Locally Grown and milled on our Estate in Dry Creek Valley.