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Trattore Farms

Trattore Estate Wines & Dry Creek Olive Company



2020 September CLUB SHIPMENT



2018 mR

Included in 7878, Vigna, Terra and Industry Shipments

This richly textured estate Rhône white blend of Marsanne & Roussanne elicits an essence of citrus intermigled with ripe pear, a tinge of honey and nuttiness.  Refreshing from summer into fall, this wine will serve as a wonderful compliment to holiday turkey and ham. 

Estate Dry Creek Valley and Mendocino County / Alc: 14.4%



2018 Alder Springs Viognier

Included in 7878 Shipment

Always in search of top grade fruit, and especially so with regards to Rhône varietals, we venture into the cooler region of Mendocino County for more Viognier.  This small production presents crisp acitidy and lively citrus  & stone fruit flavors.

Mendocino County  /  Alc: 13.8% 



2018 Estate Roussanne

Included in 7878, Vigna, Oliva and Industry Shipments

This pure profile of Roussanne (100% varietal) is plush with apricot and peach, making it a perfect pairing to a range of cheeses.  Abound of fresh flowers, this wine evolves with added notes of honey, roasted nuts, and melon.

100% Estate Dry Creek Valley  /  Alc: 14.8%



2018 Tf Alder Springs Syrah

Included in 7878, Vigna, and Terra Shipments

This small, premium production of Syrah and Cinsault, is exemplary!  It opens to lavendar and roses before flavors of dark plum, currants, and supple black berry delight.  Nicely integrated tannins and finish make this wine a real gem.

Mendocino County

Alc: 14.7%



2018 Tf Alder Springs Grenache

Included in 7878 and Vigna Shipments

Dressing our portfolio with additional jewels such as this Grenache can only heighten our portfolio.  This wine exudes red fruit flavors of cherry and apple, while cooking spices of pepper, nutmeg and cumin enhance the experience. 

Mendocino County

Alc: 14.4%



2018 Zinfandel Reserve

Included in 7878, Vigna, Terra, Oliva and Industry Shipments

This anticipated Dry Creek Zinfandel is a stand out, as it exudes tantalizing flavors of red & blue berries.  This current vintage is bright, lively, and ideally balanced, and sure to leave you wanting more!

100% Estate Dry Creek Valley  /  Alc: 14.8%



2018 Proprietor's Reserve

Included in 7878, Vigna, Terra, Oliva and Industry Shipments

This wine showcases our estate fruit, as well as our winemaking talents.  This amalgamation of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre speaks to how New World wine has reached center stage.  This one particular wine is not only Tim's favorite, but evidence of hardwork and focus to farming one's own land.

100% Estate Dry Creek Valley  /  Alc: 14.5%



2016 TF Cabernet Sauvignon

Included in 7878 and Vigna Shipments

With a desire to work with world renown Cbernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, Trattore produces a stellar, but limited and age-worthy wine.  Opening with an impressive nose of black fruits and slate, the wine flavors open gracefully to dark berries, olives and cocoa.  With time this wine will become the more seamless and elegant.   

Stegecoach Vineyard, Napa Valley  / Alc: 14.7%