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Trattore Farms

Trattore Estate Wines & Dry Creek Olive Company




Spring 2022 CLUB SHIPMENT 



2020 Estate Viognier, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County 

Included in Vigna, Terra and Oliva Clubs

We are very excited to release our newest Estate Viognier. These eastern-facing Dry Creek Valley Viognier vines coupled with steep terrain, stone-strewn soils, cool ocean influence, and warm summer days provide perfect growing conditions for one of our favorite Rhone white varietals. This Viognier comes from two distinct blocks that face east and west on extreme hillsides. The hallmark of this grape is the scent of spring blossoms that combine jasmine, honeysuckle and stone fruit flavors of apricot and peach.  The slight hazelnut and sweet citrus finish make for a beautifully balanced wine.

Enjoy this wine with creamy style cheeses and sharp flavors combined with quince and buttery crackers. We also love this wine with roasted chicken, dishes with creamy sauces, rich shellfish and root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets) roasted with olive oil, red onion and garlic. 



2019 mR (Marsanne Roussanne), Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Included in Vigna Club

Marsanne and Roussanne continue to thrive on our vineyard, capturing eastern-facing sunlight. Roussanne is more dominant in this blend, creating lovely tropical fruit notes combined with the richness of stone fruit. Marsanne's mouthfeel and pineapple flavors make this combination one of our favorite Rhône blends that you can enjoy year-round. 

Serve this wine with creamy cheeses, apricot, peach, and lemon zest chutneys with spicy salumi and rosemary crackers, Pad Thai, fried basil and pork, red curry, fried rice, Tom Kah Kai (Chicken and Coconut Soup). 


Sparkling Rosé

Included in Vigna, Terra and Oliva Clubs

Our newest Sparkling Rosé is sure to stand out for those that relish refined flavors and bubbles. With a delicate salmon color, this bright cuvée emanates with lively aromas of strawberries, raspberries, and notes of baked fruit pastries. And once tasted, one is dazzled with vibrant acidity and subtle cream flavors through a tapestry of fresh berries and wisps of nectarine and tangerine.

These days, sparkling Rosé is easily served with more casual foods such as pizza, prosciutto with melon, hard cow and sheep cheeses, spicy Chinese foods, Thai foods, olives, nuts, pâté and yes, all by itself!



2019 Estate Mourvèdre, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Included in Vigna Club

Mourvèdre has been growing on our estate for over ten years. It ripens patiently -usually our longest-hanging fruit on the vintage. This wine is like no other we produce, with rustic yet stunning aromatics of sweet pipe tobacco, ripe strawberry, and rich coffee. Flavors of cinnamon, clove, and silky coca lead to a long, soft finish of cassis and violets. We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we do.

Pair this wine with red and smoked meats, game, BBQ short ribs, and rich vegetables such as a mix of mushrooms sauteed in butter and garlic served with mashed sweet potatoes. 





2019 Alder Springs Syrah, Mendocino 

Included in Vigna, Terra and Oliva Clubs

Introducing our 2019 Syrah! If you love Merlot and Cabernet, this full-bodied wine is for you! Our Syrah boasts exquisite flavors of red and black fruits, violet undertones, and savory notes with white and black pepper hints.

This wine is higher in tannins with medium acidity, which means it can hold up to red meat cooked on the BBQ, grilled steak, flavorful German sausages, and charcuterie with strong cheeses like Blue cheese and Camembert. Syrah also pairs well with vegan meals such as eggplant, sauteed garlic and butter mushrooms, beans, and other legumes, especially when cooked with fragrant herbs like rosemary. 



2019 Estate Stone Soup, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County 

Included in Terra Club

Our beloved 2019 Estate Stone Soup Blend is back and keeps getting better! This blend is unique and very special because we combine Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Grenache. Take in aromatics of ripe blackberries, boysenberries and black pepper with pronounced oak profile, vanilla and toast. On the palate are black currant, chocolate, raisins, blackberries and spice with an earthy finish and excellent tannins to help balance this big fruit-forward style wine.

This wine can be enjoyed with many foods such as meaty pasta and pizzas, braises and stews, meat sliders, chili, and cioppino. Want more ideas? Just ask us!




Three Orchards Blend - Unfiltered Extra Virgin - Mild Intensity

Included in Vigna and Oliva Clubs

The Three Orchards Blend combines olives of the highest quality from three different orchards in Northern California. This smooth, buttery olive oil exhibits flavors of herbs, almonds, and green banana with a slight peppery pungency on the finish. This is our most versatile culinary oil, and we believe you will find Three Orchards Blend an excellent complement to all of your culinary needs!

Usage Notes: This oil is incredibly versatile, and you can use it on everything from salad, grilled veggies, fried corn tortillas for tacos, pesto, pasta, bread and cake recipes. Its delicate flavor enhances all flavors without overpowering them. This oil is a true kitchen staple! Recipe: Pan-Seared Salmon with Chanterelles, Peas and Dill Chive sauce





Healdsburg Blend - Unfiltered Extra Virgin - Medium to Bold Intensity

Included in Terra Club

Come and taste the oil that embodies the wine-country town of Healdsburg, California. This oil combines green grass, pepper, ripe olive flavors, slight bitterness, and distinct pungency. 

Usage Notes: This full-bodied local favorite is scrumptious with rosemary and pita bread baked in the toaster oven with a touch of sea salt. Use to caramelize onions or add to tomato-basil hummus and pesto. Enjoy with spaghetti, tossed with pecorino and add to your bolognese.  Recipe: Pan-Seared Salmon with Chanterelles, Peas and Dill Chive sauce




Basil Olive Oil - Unflitered Olive Oil - Delicate

Included in Vigna Club

Basil, it's one of olive oil's favorite pairings. The two can be found in many culinary delights, and now you need go no farther than one delicious oil! New to our flavored oil offerings, our Basil olive oil is made by milling the freshest Basil leaves with estate grown, mild, buttery Arbequina olives. The result is pure delight! As a substitute alone for salad dressings, the base for many fresh vegetable dishes or alone with crudités, our Basil olive oil is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Enjoy! 

Usage Notes: Caprese salad, a toss for fresh pasta and fresh herbs; use this oil anytime you want a touch of basil. Use it as the base to sautés vegetables or toss on potatoes before roasting. Its delicate flavor is delicious on its own, or with sweet French bread as a dip, and dare we say, popcorn! Recipe: Green Goddess Crunch Sandwich