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Trattore Farms

Trattore Estate Wines & Dry Creek Olive Company


Welcome and thank you for becoming part of Trattore Farms Club! To help you make the most of your membership, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following policies, terms, and conditions. 


Trattore offers wine clubs at four tiers: 6-bottle ("Terra"), 12-bottle ("Vigna"), and 24-bottle ("7878") and 4-bottle olive oil ("Olio"). There is no fee to join our Clubs, and you may sign up anytime online, via phone, or by visiting the tasting room. As a member, you agree to all terms and conditions of membership.

All Trattore Farms Club Members and the person signing for your wine shipment must be at least 21 years of age unless you sign up for our Olio (Olive Oil Only) Club. This club also ships three times per year: 4-bottles in Winter, Spring, and Fall.


Trattore Farms club is a recurring subscription of three shipments per year for Olio, Terra, Vigna, and two shipments per year for 7878. Upon signing up for one of the Trattore Farms clubs, your membership will continue until cancellation. 

There is no minimum time commitment for membership aside from the initial one-year commitment, at which point you have the option to cancel your membership. Membership continues on a per shipment basis until we are otherwise notified. You can make changes to your membership by contacting By clicking "Join" on our website's club signup page, you authorize Trattore Farms to charge your credit card for recurring club shipments until you cancel your club membership. 

Trattore Farms clubs ship in the winter, spring, and fall except for 7878 Club, which is Winter and Fall only. Club members will receive an email notification at least one week before the billing date. We ask that you verify your billing and shipping details upon receiving this notification email. Please add to your address book to avoid the email getting lost in your junk mail folder. Changes to your billing information and shipping address after your shipment is processed may incur a change fee or additional shipping charges.

Your membership discount is granted upon signup according to the level of membership. In addition, wine club shipments and subsequent wine purchases reflect your member discount.


Club members may choose to have their standard club orders shipped or held for pick-up at the tasting room. You will have the option to ship or pick-up when upon filling in your membership details when you join. If you do not pick up your order within 45 days, we will automatically ship it to you (shipping charges apply). 

Extra charges incurred for redirected or returned wine shipments are the customer's responsibility, and charges will apply to your credit card on file.

Is the weather getting too hot?

We can ship with insulated foam and for an extra $6.50, add ice! Or ask us about UPS' special "Summer Solution" next-day air rates specially designed for wine shipment in the summer.

We use UPS ground shipping as our standard carrier. Carriers make three delivery attempts before returning orders to Trattore Farms. You must notify us of any billing or shipping changes before the next shipping month or any earlier deadlines specified in the advance email notification before the club release. Extra shipping charges will incur due to an incorrect address, delivery interception, and shipments returned to the winery will be charged to your account. To track your package, go to or download the mobile app. (expand on this).

The laws governing direct-to-consumer shipments are different in every state, and these regulations limit where we can ship wine and how much residents may receive. These laws may affect your wine club shipments and subsequent wine purchases. Trattore Farms is committed to direct-to-consumer shipping compliance and will operate according to the law. We will make every attempt to accommodate all orders and let you know if an order conflict arises to attempt to work out another shipping arrangement.


There is no minimum time commitment for membership aside from the initial one-year commitment, at which point you have the option to cancel your membership. Membership continues on a per shipment basis until we are otherwise notified. You can make changes to your membership by contacting Changes or cancellations made after club processing may be subject to extra charges.


It is our priority to make sure your wine club experience is exceptional. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call 707-431-7200 ext - 701. We thank you, again for joining and can't wait to share our wines, olive oils, and experiences with you!