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Olive Mill

Our quest for perfection has led us to take extraordinary steps to maintain the pedigree and integrity of our California-grown, locally produced olive oil. It begins with only the highest quality fruit from sustainable, nurtured orchards in Northern California. The practice of pressing the fruit right as it comes off the tree, coupled with the utmost care in creating our blends has resulted in healthful, vibrant, award-winning oils.

Our philosophy: combine the artisan approaches of the past with today’s best farming practices and technological advances for the future.

From the very beginning, the authentic olive milling methods of Italy’s Perugia Region inspired us at Dry Creek Olive Company. We looked to the birthplace of olive oil and we imported an entire Italian mill piece by piece from Gruppo Pieralisi, who has manufactured olive mills in Italy since 1888. Pieralisi helped us design a custom system that incorporated a traditional granite stone mill and a state-of-the-art hammer mill – giving us the time honored tradition of stone milling and the modern conveniences of automated technology. By combining two pressing techniques into one mill, we can select which mill to use based on olive varietal, ripeness and desired oil style.

The two mills share common malaxation (mixing) and centrifuge systems, where the olive paste goes after the initial milling. We use three malaxation tanks and a horizontal and vertical centrifuge to optimize oil extraction while at the same time preserving oil quality. All olive oil extracted from our mill is unfiltered and always extra virgin. We cannot make any other grade of olive oil.

Late October marks the beginning of olive harvest. Most varietals are picked when in-between green and black, however, olives can be used to make oil at any stage of ripeness – from very green to all black. The degree of ripeness, along with the milling technique and varietals used will determine the flavor and characteristics of the oil.

For information on Custom and Community Milling, contact us.