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Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - Limited!

Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - Limited!

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SKU: 2019 Olio Nuovo 375ml

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Varietals: 60% Estate Tuscan Blend, 40% Spanish Manzanilla
Intensity: Medium to Robust
375 ml bottle
Estate-milled and produced in Dry Creek Valley

Few culinary delights compare to an Olio Nuovo or “New Oil.” Unlike most olive oils, our 2019 Olio Nuovo has gone directly from our mill to the bottle, bypassing traditional settling processes. The result is a medium to robust bodied oil with a spicy green olive flavor, deep grassy notes and a peppery finish. This unique oil should be consumed immediately, as its fresh qualities are short-lived. Enjoy this limited production oil and celebrate the harvest with an Italian tradition!

Usage Notes: This oil is incredibly versatile - but is best with bold foods. Arugula salad, marinades for chicken or beef, toss on vegetables or potatoes before roasting.  Even just a loaf of crusty bread is the perfect companion for this "fresh from the Mill" experience!