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Garlic and Pepper Sampler Set

Garlic and Pepper Sampler Set
For the Spicy Cook!

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/ 4 bottle set
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New this year! For those that “like it hot” or at least very flavorful with a touch of heat – we’d like to introduce our Garlic and Pepper Sampler. Garlic is a staple in the kitchen, the uses and possibilities with this oil are endless!  Experiment with our range of pepper oils from the mild, Jalapeño to the surprisingly “cool” yet “hot” Habanero Lime to the spicy Serrano!  Salad dressings become more lively, marinades get extra zip, and enjoy spicing up everything from vegetables to scrambled eggs.  Suggestions include cilantro pesto with the Jalapeño oil, roasted potatoes with Garlic, and adding varying degrees of heat to Mexican food with the Serrano or Habanero Lime.  Pair the flavor and heat with the cool, crisp refreshment of our Rosé or Rhône whites like Viognier or mR.  Cooking just kicked up a notch!

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/ 4 Bottle Set
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