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Jalapeño Pepper Olive Oil

Jalapeño Pepper Olive Oil

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/ 250ml bottle
SKU: TT18OilJala250ml

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Varietal: 100% Manzanilla
Intensity: Medium
250 ml bottle
Estate-milled and produced in Dry Creek Valley
Your next meal just got a little bolder. Our Jalapeño Olive Oil is a perfect balance of medium olive flavor and mild peppery zest. A wonderful accompaniment to Mexican cuisine, this oil can be used to add a little spice to all of your everyday dishes!
Tasting Notes: This medium-bodied olive oil is accompanied by the mild spice of the jalapeño pepper. Mild Heat. Fresh jalapeño.
Usage Notes: An ideal accompaniment to Mexican cuisine. Try it over popcorn, eggs, fish tacos, guacamole or avocado and tomato salad. Delicious on corn on the cob or cornbread. Drizzle over kale, bean salads and hummus. It also makes a great marinade!