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Sonoma Gold Olive Oil

Sonoma Gold Olive Oil

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/ 375ml bottle
SKU: TT18 SonGold Oil

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Varietals: 60% Spanish Picual, 30% Italian Ascolano, 10% Spanish Sevillano
Intensity: Robust
375 ml bottle
Estate-milled and produced in Dry Creek Valley

Celebrate olive oil produced in Sonoma County for its freshness, quality, culinary versatility and delicous taste!  Olive oil  characteristics range from buttery and smooth to pungent and bold making it an exciting part of anyone's cooking. We’ve captured the best of three varietals and blended them into one festive oil.  Spicy and pungent Picual olives blend with milder, grassy Sevillano olives, with the blend completed with the spice of Italian Ascolano. An intense fruitiness of green olives, toasted almonds, pepper and cinnamon spice bring olive oil's "golden touch" to your table.    

Usage Notes: If you like fresh, bold olive oil, Sonoma Gold is for you!  Reminiscent of our past offerings Spanish Table and Picual, this oil is a blend of all of their best flavors. The bold flavors are more suited for robust foods; Spanish tapas, Mexican food and bold ethnic flavors.